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Phoenix Chiropractors : FAQ

Phoenix Chiropractor : Dr.Mark Casalino : FAQ

Chiropractors are often asked…Will my insurance cover chiropractic?

Phoenix Chiropractors are often asked….

Will my Insurance cover chiropractic care?

There are many insurances that do cover chiropractic care. However, it would be difficult to break down all the insurances individually due to the large amount of insurance companies and the variation of coverages.

As a chiropractor in Phoenix AZ, we accept most insurance plans and are more than happy to verify your insurance coverage and let you know prior to beginning treatment, what amount, if any, you will be responsible for. This way there are no incurred fees and no surprises to you.

Is Chiropractic Painful?

If treatment is provided properly by a qualified Doctor of Chiropractic, the treatment is generally painless. Occasionally if you are experiencing an acute condition with a lot of muscle spasms, you may experience some discomfort at first, however Doctor will be in constant communication with you and will provide the safest and most appropriate technique to minimize any discomfort. Doctor will also give you advice on how to help yourself at home or work.

Do I need to see my General Practitioner before seeing a chiropractor?

You do not need to see your general practitioner prior to seeing a chiropractor. Dr. Casalino is fully trained to diagnose whether yours is a chiropractic case or not. If not then you will be referred on to your GP or other healthcare professional.

Do I need to keep coming for care all my life?

Here at Casalino Chiropractic Center we want to help people get the best results possible. Some people choose pain relief care. Most people understand that the only way to be healthy is to constantly make to effort to stay healthy. You understand that you cannot go the gym a few times, lift some weights, run on the treadmill and say you are in shape. That would be unrealistic.

To stay in shape you would have to go to the gym consistently for the rest of your life. Healthcare is no different, more and more publications also indicate that taking medications only cover the problem which only allows the condition to get worse. Be wise and receive chiropractic care regularly. Most people want to stay well.

Can I have chiropractic treatment while I am pregnant?

Absolutely! At Casalino Chiropractic we have special tables that allow comfort for your treatment. Because of changes one experiences during pregnancy such as weight gain, hormones and discomfort maintaining the proper spinal alignment can help prevent back pain. Chiropractic treatment helps the back and pelvic region to remain balanced to ensure a trouble free labor.

After childbirth, Dr. Casalino can help restore the normal mechanics of the pelvis and help assist with the proper technique of holding your baby do you do not create a new back problem.

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