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Phoenix Chiropractor : Heat Therapy

The use of heat is effective in treating conditions that are more subacute or chronic in nature. It is not recommended that heat be used within the first few days of a new injury, especially when any signs of swelling are present. Moist heat is applied to an injured area to dilate the capillaries and increase blood flow. This ensures that the damaged tissues receive the nutrients and oxygen they need to expedite the healing process. The heat from this treatment can also reduce pain and muscle spasms temporarily.

Phoenix Chiropractor offers Moist Heat Therapy

Phoenix Chiropractor offers Moist Heat Therapy

The Most Effective Heat

Moist heat is the most effective heat as it penetrates more effectively. Approximately 80% of our bodies are made up of water that includes soft tissue like muscle, fat and skin. Since this type of heat transfer is by conduction moist heat will penetrate the soft tissue better than dry heat. Ever notice after the use of moist heat the soft tissue reminds warm longer than use dry heat.

Dry heating pads only warm when in contract with the body. Dry heat has little value because it has very little penetration value. The best forms of heat is moist heat are in the form of a warm bath/shower or a moist heating pad. We use professional moist pack called Hydrocollotor pack. These moist pack are kept in a tank of water that is heated to approximately 180 degrees.

With the proper amount of toweling our patients can get the maximum value of moist heat therapy in our office. The recommended amount of time of moist heat is between 15 and 20 minutes every hour. A common problem is most people use moist heat for longer than the recommended amount of time this will result in a less effective therapy. Never go to sleep with a heating pad, as this can result in increased pain and tissue damage.

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