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Dr. Casalino working hard to give you the best chiropractic experience!

Dr. Casalino working hard to give you the best chiropractic experience!

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No more back pain

“Before coming to Dr. Casalino’s office, I had been suffering from low back pain for more than 10 years. I had two surgeries and lots of shots. Finally I came to Dr. Casalino and have had improvement and love coming to receive a work over. My wife felt very welcome at his office! You feel like you want to come back! ALl i can say about my experience with Dr. Casalino is that I wish I had come here years ago. I spent so much time and money on other medical doctors that did not help me. So I would like to thank Dr. Casalino for giving me my life back and I will be able to enjoy the rest of the years I have left!”
Richard Valenzuela


Chiropractic reduced my pain

“After about 5 weeks of treatment my pain has been reduced from extreme to a minor inconvenience. Dr. Casalino and his staff have been prompt and helpful. I would like to recommend this course of treatment for back pain on sciatica as i have progressed from intense pain done in my right leg to occasional lower back pain over the course of my treatment. ”
Wayne Dusek


Chiropractic, my hope

“I finally feel like there is hope and that there is light as the end of the tunnel. My headache’s have plagued me for 2 years. Casalino Chiropractic is very friendly and welcoming, Dr. Casalino and the office staff always make me feel they care about my well being.”
Angela Landers


One Chiropractic visit and my pain was gone

“When I first visited Dr. Casalino I had severe pain in my lower back and neck, enough to make me cry. One visit took the pain away. Due to my back shifting because of worn cartilage, I needed monthly maintenance. Also at the time my sciatic nerve was causing a lot of pain and burning. One visit and this was gone! He has always helped me to feel good! Dr. Casalino is very pleasant and takes the time to talk to his patients. He’s helped me to realize many things about my health. His of staff are kind and friendly always abel to help when its needed. ”
Ruth Korecki


Choose Casalino Chiropractic Center for your health care

“I am able to get around to do the things, and am able to enjoy my later years! Dr. Casalino is so friendly and helpful. All in all I would recommend coming here for your health care. ”
Virgina Gallup


Dr. Casalino can fix me with chiropractic

“It allows me to participate in any activities I want. If I break me, he fixes me! Dr. Casalino is wonderful and the office staff are always friendly you feel right at home with family here.”
Sue Gilliam

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